When Should You Start Dog Training?

When Should You Start Dog Training?

Dog training is an important activity that you should consider as you aim to get your dog to learn certain skills and tricks. But when is the right time for you to start training your dog?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait too long after your dog’s birth to train your friend. You can start the dog training process at about eight weeks of age. This is around the time when the dog will recognize basic one-word commands like to sit or stay. The dog’s attention span is short at this point but is still good enough to pay attention to your demands.

After that, you can start training your dog to use the bathroom in the right spot. You can start training a puppy to relieve itself at a space at around three months of age. This should be enough to where the dog has the ability to identify when he or she can use the proper moments for relieving itself.

Formal training can start at around six months of age. This is around the time when the dog will have a better comprehension of certain commands and requests. The dog’s attention span should be a little stronger at this juncture too.

The dog training schedule you use should be planned accordingly, so you can get your dog to learn all sorts of tricks and commands. You will appreciate how well your dog can learn certain things at various early points in his life, but don’t rush your dog into commands he or she might not understand too soon.

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