Pros and Cons of a New Roof VS. Overlay


You might need a roofing contractor when there is an issue with your roof. Problem with a roof can be very problematic simply because it’s one of the toughest areas to repair. You need a specialist and that can cost a lot of money at the best of time. However, there are many who believe overlay is a better solution when there are issues with their roof. So, is a new roof better or is overlay the right solution? Here are a few pros and cons of overlay vs. a new roof.

New Roofs Cost More than Overlay

Roof repair isn’t something most people want to deal with, but it can sometimes be a great answer to a major problem. Remember, a new roof can cost far more than what it would take with overlay. However, overlay might not solve all problems. You’re not just looking for a cheap way to fix your roofing problems you’re looking for a permanent solution. Sometimes, overlay can start off cheaper but after so long, problems start to form and more repairs are needed in the end anyway, so it’s more cost effective to go with a new roof entirely rather than overlay.

Roof Problems Can’t Be Fixed With Overlay

Overlay looks to be a simple option when it comes to fixing roofing problems but is it really a permanent solution? What you have to remember is that sometimes overlay doesn’t actually fix the roofing problem. Some roof repairs need to be handled in an effective manner and while overlay seems a simple enough option, it’s not always the right solution for the home. Talk to a roofing contractor and see what they say about your roof in particular.

Overlay Is A Semi-Permanent Solution

While most roof experts will say it’s best to opt for overlay because it’s cheaper and easier to handle, it’s not always the case. One major drawback of overlay is that you don’t know what’s really underneath it. You don’t know if there are any issues because you’ve just put that over the existing roof and while it might do the job now, it’s not always a permanent solution. In a way, overlay is a semi-permanent solution because you might need further repairs down the line. Roof repair might seem troublesome but at times it’s easier putting on a new roof. The roof can be installed so that any issues previously are gone.

Do what’s Best

When it comes to the roof, you must be very cautious and careful over how you handle its repairs. You not only have to ensure the most cost-effective solution is found, but the right solution for the home also. In most cases, repairing a roof seems overly complicated and that often causes people to look at other solutions like overlay. However, you don’t just want something that may work for a few months you want a permanent solution to the roofing troubles. Contact a roofing contractor and see what they can do for your troublesome roof.

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